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Inaugural Release of Laws Rackhouse Series #1

Much of whiskey’s magic comes from the rackhouse. It’s the place where clear distillate picks up its color and much of whiskeys aromas and flavors. At Laws, we have thousands of barrels aging various American Whiskey styles, from our Four Grain Bourbon and San Luis Valley Rye to seasonal favorites like our Centennial Wheat, featuring diverse mash bills and finishes. Our newest limited release series -The Rackhouse Series- is an exploration of our barrel collection and the exquisite effects of different marriages and finishes. 

In this inaugural release, we have crafted a blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskey, aged to perfection and finished in ex-rye casks, offering an experience like no other.

We wanted to continue exploring batch creation in a different way. As a whiskey house, we have several different expressions of grain distillate to work with, almost like paints on a palette. Every now and then the need arises for a new and unique product offering here at Laws. Fortunately, we had been quietly developing such a product for some time when the opportunity presented itself.

James Kunz- Head Blender


At Laws Whiskey House, we’re always up for a new adventure in crafting exceptional batches. We tried combining our two flagship whiskies, Four Grain Bourbon and San Luis Valley Rye, in different ratios. A heavy rye blend seemed to accentuate the fruit notes offered by both mash bills. We choose to release it at a proof point that was balanced on the palate, 50% ABV.

I liked the challenge of coming up with something a little different with this series. I have so much confidence in the quality of our products already that it seemed like a no brainer to combine two mash bills from my favorite products. Re-barreling the whiskey after batching it allowed for it to come together and get to know itself in the barrel. 

James Kunz- Head Blender

At Laws Whiskey House, every barrel tells a unique story, and barrel #1 is no exception. We embarked on a rye barrel finish for this one, aiming to accentuate the dry, earthy spice and vibrant tropical fruit notes that our San Luis Valley Rye is known for. The sweet corn, soft wheat, and nutty malt of the Four Grain Bourbon play essential supporting roles.

This is just the beginning of our journey, a series of different barrels. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases featuring the same liquid finished in different ways. That’s all we can say for now, but rest assured, each release promises a new chapter in our exploration of flavors and finishes. There are more exciting developments on the horizon, friends.


Laws Whiskey House Rackhouse Series #1 is exclusively available through Lawswhiskeyhouse.com for a retail price of $74.99

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