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Embracing Giving: ORIGINS Series CORNERSTONE Release with a Philanthropic Twist!

At Laws Whiskey House, the holiday season isn’t just about celebrating with our exceptional spirits; it’s also a time for giving back. We’re thrilled to announce that our annual ORIGINS Series release, once again, comes with a unique opportunity for our village of employees to make a difference.

Since we started this program, our village has collectively donated approximately $25,000 to a diverse array of non-profits and causes. This year we are again donating 10% of proceeds from our ORIGINS Series CORNERSTONE release to charitable causes.


Selecting a non-profit through Colorado Gives Day means our chosen organizations receives not only a donation from Laws Whiskey House but also benefits from a matching component from FirstBank. It’s an incredible opportunity to magnify the funds directed by our employees to their chosen causes.

This initiative is an integral part of our company’s commitment to philanthropy, complementing our dedication to water, agriculture, and resource conservation. It’s about providing our village members with a chance to contribute to causes that resonate with them personally.

We’re excited about the potential impact of this initiative and the opportunity it presents for our village to contribute to causes that matter deeply to each individual. As we embrace the season of giving, let’s raise our glasses to the power of collective generosity and making a meaningful difference in our communities.

From all of us at Laws Whiskey House, here’s to a holiday season filled with giving, joy, and the spirit of making a positive change together! Cheers to spreading warmth and goodwill this festive season.

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