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Our Story

Laws Whiskey is redefining Great American Whiskey. Every whiskey we make is on its own road creating an heirloom grain, terroir-driven flavor experience for our fellow whiskey hunters.

Our Distillery

Our Distillery is centrally located in the South Broadway neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. It is here where our obsessive, hands-on approach to every aspect of whiskey production is performed.

  • San Luis Valley Hot Chocolate

    Spicy hot chocolate and spicy rye. A match made in heaven


    • 4 oz chocolate milk or chocolate almond milk
    • 1 oz Laws San Luis Valley Rye
    • 1/2 oz creme de cacao
    • 1/2 oz vanilla simple syrup
    • 4 dashes mole bitters


    Heat up the chocolate milk in a container. Combine the rest of the ingredients except the chocolate milk in a mug. Add the hot chocolate milk in the mug and stir. Enjoy after a day in the mountains.

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