Our story

Laws Whiskey House is reimagining great American whiskey by creating unique and bold flavor experiences. Our grain-forward style whiskeys are made with the highest quality corn and heirloom wheat, barley, and rye grown by two Colorado family farms. We use time-tested production techniques that showcase each individual grain’s terroir resulting in singular and novel whiskeys.

We use grains that mass production forgot.

The soulful, rich flavors of our no-compromise whiskey begin with our use of only heirloom and heritage grains. Modern agricultural has no interest in these low-yield, finicky grains, yet we could not create the singular profile of each Laws Whiskey without them. We are dependent on the two family-owned farms – the Cody’s in the San Luis Valley and the Ohnmacht’s out on Colorado’s eastern plains – willing to cultivate these specialized grains for us.

Terroir is Our Master

Our whiskey chose Colorado. Don’t get us wrong, we think Colorado is a cool place to live, but that’s not why Laws is here. Our terroir-driven whiskey requires the rarified thin air, the hot days and cool nights of the Rocky Mountain region, and the rugged growing conditions of the San Luis Valley and eastern plains that stress our grains just enough to deepen their flavor.

There are No Shortcuts at Laws.

We always have and always will distil every drop we bottle. While our whiskey aged, we didn’t sell any whiskey for our first three years. Time is as critical of an ingredient as our heirloom grains. Every mash bill gets its own optimal distillation process, and we deploy time-intensive sour mash fermentation. We are the first Colorado distiller to bottle bonded whiskeys. For us, these steps are not extra, they’re mandatory to creating Laws Whiskey

Laws - it takes a village

Our Master Distiller is a Village.

At Laws, no person has the title ‘Master Distiller.’ We believe it takes the talents, smarts, quirks and obsessive passion of every Laws co-worker, aka The Village, to make our whiskey. In the Laws Village, you are part of something so much greater than self.

Whiskey Above All.

We’re spiritually obsessed about whiskey. We dream in whiskey. Laws Whiskey House isn’t our business, it’s our religion.

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