The Distillery

OUR DISTILLERY and tasting room will IS open for pick-up whiskey sales. ALL TOURS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Wednesday1pm – 7pm
Thursday1pm – 7pm
Friday1pm – 7pm
Saturday1pm – 7pm

About the Distillery

Welcome to our Distillery. It’s here where we mill our grains and combine and cook them to create a uniquely complex sour mash. From there, the mash is open-air fermented for four days before being distilled in a four-plate pot made custom for our whiskey. Once the whiskey makes its way to the American White Oak Barrels, it’s aged for a minimum of 2 years. Because there’s no shortcuts to making great whiskey.

Tours: Stop reading. Start drinking.

To take a tour of our whiskey house, see our village at work, learn about the art and craft of whiskey making, and most importantly, to share some whiskey with us, sign up for a tour. We’d love to meet you.

Are you older than our whiskey?