The Headwaters Series whiskey release is a commitment to raising awareness about the importance of water sustainability and supporting efforts to conserve Colorado’s vital rivers. Through our philanthropic initiatives and dedication to adopting sustainable practices, we aim to contribute positively to the conservation of water resources for future generations one drop at a time.

Colorado, known as the “Headwater State,” boasts eight major river basins originating within its borders. These rivers supply water to Coloradans, 18 other states, and Mexico, with their sources stemming from precipitation in the Rocky Mountains. Given the critical importance of water resources to Colorado and the Western United States, Laws Whiskey House is committed to water sustainability through adopting best practices and supporting conservation efforts.

Water is a critical and influential input in the production of whiskey throughout the entire process, whether it be in the mashing/cooking of grain, proofing of unaged spirit into the barrel, or preparation for the final ABV to highlight that perfect expression.

While we understand that whiskey alone cannot resolve the complex issues surrounding water sustainability, we do believe that each incremental action, however small, can play a role in helping solve the challenges faced. We are dedicated to playing our part in addressing them.

America’s Most Endangered River

The Colorado River stands as a vital lifeline, nourishing ecosystems, sustaining communities, and powering economies across the American Southwest. Its waters quench the thirst of millions, irrigate crops, and generate hydroelectric power crucial for regional development. Beyond its immediate utility, the river serves as a symbol of natural beauty and heritage, drawing millions of visitors each year to its awe-inspiring canyons and landscapes.

Yet, the Colorado River faces mounting threats from overuse, pollution, and climate change-induced droughts. Protecting this precious resource is imperative, not just for current needs but for future generations, ensuring the health and prosperity of both nature and humanity.

AMERICANRIVERS.ORG- Colorado River Report



Our Headwaters Series is more than just a great whiskey release; it’s a call to action. Our first release in this limited series is dedicated to the Colorado River. Ten percent of proceeds from this release will be donated to an organization directly benefitting the Shoshone Water Right Preservation.

The Shoshone Water Right Preservation Coalition & Campaign represents a diverse group of stakeholders working toward permanent protection of the historic Shoshone Water Right – the largest and most senior non-consumptive water right on the Colorado River. Commanding up to 1.02 million acre-feet of water per year, preserving Shoshone flows in perpetuity is a generational investment in Colorado’s water security with myriad benefits upstream and downstream for Colorado’s environment, economy, communities, and water users across the state.

Shoshone Water Right Preservation is the durable solution Colorado needs to ensure future generations thrive in a hotter, drier future.

At our core, we believe that business can and should play a role in addressing environmental challenges. This belief drives our dedication to creating not only exceptional products but also fostering positive change. By choosing our Headwaters Series, you are joining us in supporting vital conservation efforts.

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