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We are proud to share that our Four Grain Cask Strength Bourbon has been honored with the prestigious title of World’s Best Small Batch Bourbon by the World Whiskies Awards and is proudly gracing the cover of American Whiskey Magazine!

We are deeply humbled by the recognition of our Four Grain Bourbon mashbill and our unwavering commitment to the no-shortcuts approach upon which Laws was founded. As a Colorado distillery, we are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone, shining a spotlight on how our state contributes to the rich tapestry of American Whiskey.

A Marriage of Barrels

At Laws Whiskey House, every drop is meticulously crafted with care and passion. Our flagship Four Grain Bourbon and Cask Strength Bourbon are produced in harmonious 100-barrel batches. Led by our head blender, James Kunz, each batch is carefully curated, with barrels aged over four years, including a select few ten-year-old barrels, to infuse depth and character into the blend.

What goes into the process of crafting these exceptional spirits? We sat down with Laws’ Head Blender, James Kunz, for some insight on how he approaches creating one of our Four Grain Bourbon batches.

Behind the Barrel: A Conversation with Laws’ Head Blender James Kunz

Q: Describe the process for picking the 100 barrels and how you build out the bourbon batch? 

JK: In the process of picking a batch, I start with a much larger group of barrels and narrow it down to the final selection. We sort the barrels based on a few dominant characteristics and make test batches which are evaluated by our production staff. Ultimately, we are looking for consistency from batch to batch with our flagship products, which is as challenging as it is fun!

Q: What is the average proof point once batched together before proofing down? 

JK: The average proof of our Cask Strength Bourbon batches is usually between 114 to 116 proof.

Q: How much do you harvest for cask strength? 

JK: Prior to cutting our flagship Four Grain Bourbon down with purified water, we remove a portion and bottle it at cask strength. Those batch harvests are around 100 barrels, but the actual volume bottled at cask strength is only a portion, around 350 cases at a time.

Q: You talk about cutting down the remainder of the bourbon with purified water. Can you talk about the process to get to our 95 proof flagship product? 

JK: The remainder of the spirit is cut down slowly over a 10-day period. If it starts at 115 proof and is bottled at 95 proof, that’s a drop of 20 proof points or two points a day. Each day, water is added while the whiskey gently recirculates in our marriage tank until it reaches bottling strength. We closely monitor the proof every day to make sure we are within allowable parameters. In total, the proof of a flagship batch is checked about 35 times from harvest to bottling to ensure we are consistently hitting our targeted numbers.

Q: What nuances do you like for the cask strength and from the flagship? 

JK: I like the deep oak and spice notes that the Cask Strength Four Grain Bourbon brings. That coupled with the orange and black tea notes create a nice richness that lingers on the palate. It’s perfect for savoring as a neat pour with a few drops of water added to really open up the earthy, floral nose. The 95 proof flagship Four Grain Bourbon lends itself nicely to cocktails, in my opinion. It was initially created for its versatility over 10 years ago and still endures as our workhorse whiskey. I love the bright fruit and sweetness that come forward at this proof. Of course, it plays well in an old fashioned but I really like it in a highball with a couple dashes of bitters.

Q: Anything else you would like to add? 

JK: These are two expressions of our core whiskey brand, the Four Grain Bourbon. With its 60% corn, 20% wheat, 10% rye and 10% barley makeup, this unique mashbill not only brings together the best of both wheated bourbons and high rye bourbons but it stands as its own style of bourbon in the vast market of American whiskies.

Secure your Sip: Grab your bottle of Laws Whiskey Today

Indulge in our award-winning Four Grain Bourbon, available in your preferred proof with our flagship and cask expressions. Find our Four Grain Bourbon at our Denver Tasting Room, on lawswhiskeyhouse.com, and at your favorite liquor retailers.

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