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Women of Laws Single Barrel Release

We are very pleased to announce the Women of Laws Single Barrel. Join us on Wednesday, March 15th, for this unique Four Grain Bourbon Single Barrel release benefiting FrontLine Farming.


Throughout History, the significant contributions of women to the whiskey industry are undeniable, and we are proud of all the exceptionally talented women who contribute to the Laws Village. Marking Women’s History Month, we decided to highlight the talent and collaborative mindset of the Laws Village with a distillery-exclusive release of the first Women of Laws Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon. A portion of proceeds from this bottle will be donated to FrontLine Farming, a Colorado-based BIPOC & Womxn-led nonprofit farm and food justice advocacy organization.

Women of Laws Single Barrel


The Laws Whiskey House village is small but mighty. For this project, women were involved in every aspect of the process, from barrel selection to label design. It was an exciting chance to take an idea from concept to bottle, and it gave us a chance to give back to our community in a meaningful way.

Barrel Tasting Event

We started this process by selecting suitable Four Grain Bourbon barrels that were aging in our warehouse. After winnowing down to four barrels, the women of Laws came together to taste all of them and vote on a favorite. This opportunity allowed us to talk through our tasting notes – aroma, flavor, texture – and decide collectively what flavor profile we were seeking for this special barrel. We then voted on which barrel we each liked best, with the overwhelming majority of votes going to barrel 2264.

Selecting a Non-Profit Organization

We also took this time to select an organization to support with proceeds from this release.  Part of our philanthropic focus at Laws Whiskey House is to help foster farming in Colorado, in part because agriculture enhances the quality of life in our state and because we rely heavily on local farmers to grow the grains for our whiskey. For this reason, FrontLine Farming seemed like a natural fit and again took the majority of the votes when the Women of Laws selected a beneficiary. Women run FrontLine Farming, and its mission of promoting farming and food-based advocacy aligns with our core principles at Laws. We are honored to highlight all the wonderful work they are doing.

Label Design

Every aspect of this barrel pick was executed thoughtfully, including label design and color – just another example of the collaborative nature of this project.

The Final Step

Once the pick was made, the nonprofit selected, and the label approved, it was time to package the bottles for sale.  To celebrate this occasion, we invited our friends at FrontLine Farming to come to Laws’ Barrel Warehouse for a labeling party. As with all our whiskey, each bottle was hand filled and labeled.


“FrontLine Farming (FLF) formed in December 2018 to take control of the narrative around our work. As Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and Women who are farmers, advocates, and educators, our story is too often told about us, not by us. We saw a need for food-based advocacy in Denver that elevates and centers the voices of those fighting oppression – so we created FrontLine Farming. Today, FLF is a BIPOC and Women-led farm, food justice and farmer advocacy organization that believes good food should be for all people and that farmers deserve living wages.”

Frontline Farming


This is a distillery-exclusive release. Please join us in our tasting room on March 15th for Whiskey Wednesday with the Women of Laws.


Whiskey Type: Four Grain Bourbon Single Barrel
Barrel #: 2264

Total Number of Bottles Produced: 210
Mash Bill: 60% corn, 20% heirloom wheat, 10% heirloom rye & barley
Age: 3 years, 3 months in new 53-gallon charred oak barrels
Alc/Vol.: 55%
Price: $95.00

Aromas: Caramelized sugar & apple
Flavors: Bosc pear, honey and wild sage with a lingering cedar finish

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