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Laws Whiskey House Fall + Winter Cocktails

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, there’s no cozier way to embrace the fall and winter vibes than by savoring exquisitely crafted whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey has long been a winter favorite, especially here in Colorado. Its allure extends effortlessly into the realm of autumn and winter libations.

The depth of character in Laws Whiskey House’s grain-forward flavors finds a harmonious match in cocktails, be they elegantly straightforward or indulgently intricate.

Embark on a journey through the warming notes of our whiskey, perfectly complemented by the rich, flavors in some of our fall and winter classics.


A delightful blend of festive flavors that promises to elevate your seasonal celebrations.

Laws Cocktail Whiskey Flip


The most popular whiskey cocktail featuring our bold and complex Four Grain Bourbon

Laws Whiskey House Old Fashioned


An espresso martini for whiskey drinkers

Laws Whiskey House Espresso Martini


A classic similar to the Manhattan but with citrus, complemented wonderfully by our San Luis Valley Rye

Laws Whiskey House Deshler


A prohibition era-classic that delightfully showcases the botanicals of our San Luis Valley Rye

Laws Whiskey House Scofflaw


Warm up your winter nights with a Laws Rye Hot Toddy, where the bold and spicy notes of our San Luis Valley Rye blend seamlessly with comforting spices, creating a perfect sip of seasonal coziness

Laws Whiskey House Cinnamon Hot Toddy


A strong and sophisticated cocktail made with the bold pepper spice of our San Luis Valley Rye

Laws Whiskey House Manhattan

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