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Laws Bottled in Bond 2022 Release

Laws Whiskey House

THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. Our north star and guiding light at Laws Whiskey House. This statement drives everything we do, from using only the finest Colorado grains to always providing our whiskey the maturation period it needs to develop into its own. In this same No Shortcuts spirit we were drawn to making Bottled in Bond whiskeys. This mark of authenticity revolutionized our industry back in the late 1800s and to this day continues to set the quality standard that whiskey drinkers can trust.

So What is a Bonded Whiskey?

Bonded whiskeys are whiskeys produced under the rigorous standards of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. Prior to this act, it wasn’t uncommon to purchase what one thought was whiskey but instead get an adulterated and potentially toxic imitation spirit instead. Producers would add coloring and flavoring, shortcutting the whiskey making process out of greed and laziness. After the Bottled in Bond Act, the Bonded mark meant that you were buying a whiskey produced under strict production standards and US government supervision. Amazingly, this act is thought to be America’s first consumer protection law. The standards set forth by this act included:

• Be made by one distillery in a single season (spring or fall)
• Aged in a federally bonded warehouse in new oak barrels
• Aged at least four years
• Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV)

Why Bottled in Bond?

While fake spirits may be less prevalent today than in the late 1800s, the requirements set forth by the Bottled in Bond Act live on as a mark of quality assurance and continue to set the bar for American whiskey distilleries. When Laws Whiskey House was founded in 2011, there were no Colorado-made Bottled in Bond whiskeys. Being the first was an important opportunity and a chance to fulfill our No Shortcuts philosophy. Since then, we’re proud to have raised the bar while continually going beyond what the Bottled in Bond Act requires to release some of our oldest and most complex whiskeys.

The 2022 Bottled in Bond Bourbon and Rye Releases

Laws Bonded 8yr Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Batch #6

Our sixth release of Bottled in Bond Four Grain Bourbon is actually two releases combined. As noted above, Bottled in Bond has to be from either a spring or fall distilling season. This release is composed of 18 hand-selected barrels made in the spring season of 2013 and another 9 barrels produced in the fall of the same year.

What can you expect from Batch 6 Bottled in Bond Four Grain Bourbon? This is a whiskey that pulls you in. It’s a journey that’s nuanced and complicated. After more than 8 years in wood, barrel influence is exerting itself more strongly making for a fascinating interplay between the flavors of our four grain mash bill. On the nose rise aromas of orange blossom, toffee, and apricot jam. On the tongue those notes meld to brown butter and dates, leaving you at last with a dry finish and a hint of sandalwood.

Here are the details for both of our Bonded Four Grain Bourbon releases this year:

  • Spring season
    • Batch code: 6-S (for spring)
    • Mash bill: 60% #1 dent yellow corn, 20% heirloom wheat, 10% heirloom rye, 10% heirloom malted barley
    • Fill date: February – June 2013
    • Harvest date: November 2021
    • Batch size: 18 hand selected barrels
    • Total maturation time: 8 years and 9 months
    • Proof: 100
    • Total bottles yielded: 3,762
  • Fall season
    • Batch code: 6-F (for Fall)
    • Mash bill: 60% #1 dent yellow corn, 20% heirloom wheat, 10% heirloom rye, 10% heirloom malted barley
    • Fill date: August – October 2013
    • Harvest date: November 2021
    • Batch size: 9 hand selected barrels
    • Total maturation time: 8 years and 2 months
    • Proof: 100
    • Total bottles yielded: 1,902

Laws Bonded San Luis Valley Straight Rye Whiskey – Batch #3

This is our third release of Bottled in Bond San Luis Valley Rye. Unlike our Bonded Four Grain release this year, all of the Rye barrels selected came from one distilling season.

We should mention here that we were very proud of the 6 year Bottled in Bond we released last year (2021). This was our second release and an unapologetic rye, with mint and slight smokiness with a delicious salted caramel note that paired so nicely with the serrano pepper flavor our rye whiskey characteristically offers. This year’s third release, you’ll find much of the same with this release, but with even more depth and complexity. Take your time and notice the cherry cola and black currant notes on the nose, followed by flavors of hazelnut, green mango, melon, and the serrano pepper. The finish leaves you with star anise and sage, complimenting each other and lingering on the palate.

Here are the details:

• Batch code: 3
• Mash bill: 95% heirloom rye, 5% heirloom barley
• Fill date: October 2014
• Harvest date: December 2021
• Batch size: 23 barrels
• Total maturation time: 7 years and 1 month
• Proof: 100
• Total bottles yielded: 5,286

If our whiskey is “Bonded” we had to have made it, made it to strict standards and stand accountable.

At Laws Whiskey House, we believe that the soul of whiskey is comprised of the people who grow it, the people who make it, and the people who drink it. And good whiskey, like a good story, is meant to be shared. We hope you enjoy these two special whiskeys as much as we do and thanks for coming along on our journey.

Al Laws

Founder, Laws Whiskey House

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