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Garoyle Series Poirier Curacao

Gargoyle Series Poirier Curacao

At Laws Whiskey House, we’re spiritually obsessed about whiskey. We dream in whiskey. It is all we will ever make. That’s why we created a separate brand.

Our Gargoyle Series brand is for spirits other than whiskey. These spirits are usually side projects of our distilling team, intended to further education and exploration in the realm of spirits.

Poirier Curacao is one such Gargoyle Series offering. This release was led by Sam Poirier, our lead distiller. He was inspired to explore traditional flavors of this tropical liqueur but with added complexity to take it beyond just a one dimensional sweet orange syrup. The result is delicious and is perfect for sipping or for adding orange flavor to your favorite summertime cocktail (margaritas for example).

Gargoyle Series by Laws Whiskey House Poirier Curacao

About Poirier Curacao

Poirier Curaçao began as a brandy distilled by Laws Whiskey House. It was then patiently aged in French Oak casks for over 4 years. Once a satisfactory maturity point was found, we layered in three different types of oranges including traditional dried bitter orange peel as well as the peels from other citrus fruits in various stages allowing those ingredients to macerate. A small amount of botanicals and spices were then added to bring a greater depth of complexity and help complement the bright orange flavors.

Gargoyle Series Poirier Curacao

How to Enjoy

This orange liqueur is great enjoyed on its own, but also serves as the perfect ingredient for cocktails like a classic margarita. We recommend using our Agave Azul, another expression from our Tasting Room-only Gargoyle Series.

Poirier Curacao Details

  • Batch code: 1
  • Class / Type: Curacao
  • Proof: 78.6
  • Total maturation time: 4 years
  • Total bottles yielded: 500
  • Availability: Tasting Room Only Starting 7/15
  • Price: $24.99

At Laws Whiskey House, we believe that the soul of whiskey is comprised of the people who grow the grain, the people who make it, and the people who drink it. And good whiskey, like a good story, is meant to be shared. We hope you enjoy this special spirit as much as we do and thanks for coming along our journey.

Al Laws
Founder, Laws Whiskey House

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